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Instructions for use FFP2 NR MASKS

“Read and follow the instructions for use provided by the manufacturer”

Mod. KN95

Classificazione: FFP2 NR - EN 149

Before use, check the condition of the mask. DO NOT use the mask if it shows signs of damage (tears, cuts, missing straps, etc.) or soiling on the inside.
1. Hold the mask by the two elastic straps with mask facing upwards, as shown in the diagram.
2. Position the mask on the face, so that it covers the nose, mouth and chin, as shown in the diagram.
3. Place the elastic straps behind the ears, as shown in the diagram.
4. Bend and squeeze the nose clip so that the mask fits the face properly and does not leak.
5. Check that the mask fits properly and is airtight, as follows (for valveless masks): cover the mask with both hands and exhale forcefully. If you feel air passing through the sides and around the nostrils, reposition the mask on the face and squeeze the nose clip again. Repeat the procedure until you achieve a proper fit. If you are not able to put on the mask correctly, avoid contaminated areas.

Single-use filtering half-masks are classified according to three categories: FFP1, FFP2 or FFP3. Always check to which category your mask belongs. Information and markings can be found on the mask itself and on its packaging. The letters "NR" (not reusable) indicate that masks are single-use and must be disposed of at the end of a work shift.

FFP2: protection against non-toxic dust, fumes and mists, or of low/moderate toxicity in concentrations up to 12x TLV or 10x APF. (NOTE: TLV: threshold limit value; APF: assigned protection factor).
Non-compliance with the instructions and the limitations for use of the mask and/or non-use of the mask during the entire exposure period will reduce the effectiveness of the mask and may lead to contamination or death.

1. Non-compliance with the instructions and the limitations for use of the mask and/or non-use of the mask during the entire exposure period will reduce the effectiveness of the mask and may lead to contamination or death.
2. Before use, wearers should familiarise themselves with correct use of the mask in accordance with applicable health and safety instructions.
3. The mask can also be used in hospital and care settings (for example, clinic or nursing home) to protect the user from external agents (including aerosol transmission of infections).
4. This mask does not provide oxygen. The mask must not be used in environments in which the percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere is less than 17%. Use the mask only in well-ventilated areas that contain enough oxygen.
5. Do not use when concentrations of contaminants are harmful to health or life.
6. Do not use when concentrations of contaminants are unknown. The mask should be used only when concentrations of harmful substances are known. In the event of unknown substances or variable conditions, use a respirator.
7. Do not use in explosive or potentially explosive atmospheres.
8. If the mask is damaged or breathing becomes difficult, leave the contaminated area immediately, remove and replace the mask. Leave the contaminated area if you experience dizziness, anxiety or other discomfort.
9. Do not alter or modify the mask.
10. Do not use the mask with a beard or other facial hair that prevents direct contact of the face with the edge of the mask. Facial hair and certain respiratory characteristics may reduce the effectiveness of this filtering mask.
11. Single use only. Not reusable (suitable for a single work shift only). No maintenance necessary. Discard and dispose of the mask after a single use.
12. Store masks wrapped in their transparent packaging at room temperature and away from sunlight and other heat sources.

Excessive resistance to breathing indicates obstruction of the mask by dust particles. The mask is a piece of personal protective equipment. The maximum duration of use is one work shift or eight hours.

Until the mask is used, it must be stored sealed in its original packaging to preserve its properties. During storage and transport, the environmental conditions specified by the manufacturer for the correct storage of the mask must be observed. The mask's performance is guaranteed for 24 months (two years) from the date of manufacture.

Il dispositivo garantisce le sue prestazioni per una durata di 60 mesi (5 anni) dalla data di fabbricazione.


Whash your hand
 Before touching a clean medical face mask, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Once you have applied the soap to your wet hands, you should massage them against each other for at least twenty seconds before rinsing them off. Always use a clean paper towel to dry your hands and then throw it in the trash.Advice: before throwing away the paper towel, use it to open / close the door after washing your hands.